Shower Screens Roehampton

Once you have lived with glass shower screens you won’t settle for shower curtains ever again!

With glass shower screens your Roehampton bathroom will not only look better, it will also be more protected from misdirected water.

Glass shower screens will protect the floors of your Roehampton bathroom
Glass shower screens give the floor of your Roehampton bathroom far greater protection when showering.  Don’t let ill-fitting shower curtains ruin what should be a pleasurable activity.  Enjoy peace of mind while you are showering as you shut yourself in a waterproof enclosure with custom made glass shower screens.

Glass shower screens will last longer in your Roehampton bathroom
Mould breeds freely on shower curtains.  Glass shower screens are less prone to mould and mildew and easier to clean with a range of modern products available.  Our custom made glass shower screens are made of 10mm or 12mm toughened glass for ultimate safety and durability.

Glass shower screens will suit the style of any Roehampton bathroom
Glass shower screens can complement any décor.  With their transparency glass shower curtains do not block the light but optimise the feel of space.

Glass shower screens offer flexibility whatever the size of a Roehampton bathroom
If your bathroom has any irregular angles bespoke glass shower screens can be made to perfectly fit the space you have to enhance your showering experience.

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