Balustrades Wandsworth

Balustrades are used to form a protective barrier alongside staircases, mezzanines, balconies, galleries and terraces.

Balustrades come in many different forms and a variety of materials all of which are functional and can provide the right level of safety.  When choosing the correct balustrades for your Wandsworth property the choice will depend upon the setting and your personal taste.

Are wooden balustrades right for your Wandsworth property?
Wood is the most common material used for domestic balustrades and given the material’s flexibility it can be created with straight, minimalistic lines or with more fanciful curves.   Wooden balustrades will require varnishing or repainting periodically.

Are steel balustrades right for your Wandsworth property?
Stainless steel balustrades are very popular in commercial premises being sleek, durable and easy to maintain.  However they can often look impersonal and uninspiring.

Are wrought iron balustrades right for your Wandsworth home or business?
Wrought iron balustrades can be very ornamental and are particularly effective in older or more ornate properties.

Are glass balustrades right for your Wandsworth home or business?
Yes!  We would say that.  But glass balustrades have a lot going for them – they don’t block the light or the view, they open up a space, they are durable, they fit into any style of building and they are easy to maintain.

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