Glazing Sutton

With the current trend for extending kitchens into large living spaces with plenty of light, it’s no surprise that many Sutton home owners are choosing atrium-style glass roofs as a finishing touch to their renovations. There are many companies that supply glazing across the Sutton area, including a variety of different kinds of glass roof. A glass roof can really deliver the ‘wow’ factor to your Sutton home.

Another popular use for glass roofs provided by Sutton glazing companies, is to provide light wells in commercial buildings. These are particularly popular in office buildings with darkened central areas, as they can allow overhead light inside, creating a lighter and brighter environment.

With any glazing for glass roofs in Sutton, there are considerations of safety, thermal control and solar control to take into account. For example, if the roof needs to be accessible for maintenance, it’s important that toughened glass is used for the roof glazing project. Or, if the sun shines in directly overhead, heating up the interior of the building or meaning people struggle to see in the light, you may need to choose tinted glass or one with a film covering that can mitigate the effects of the sun.

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