Kitchen Splashbacks Grange

  1. Glass splashbacks are toughened glasses that can also be back-painted to a variety of exciting colors. It is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with any chemical due to its non-porous nature. Glass splashbacks don’t need much maintenance and can easily be cleaned using a damp cloth, glass detergents, buffering cloth, washing up liquids or warm water. Since there is no much maintenance required, glass splashbacks can be said to be very cost effective in the long run. Glass splashbacks are readily available, at our Grange outlet so you won’t struggle to locate them.

    Ceramic tiles and wood can be a harbor of serious filth and this may take lots of work to clean them back to a safe level of hygiene. On the other hand, glass has been proven over time to be more hygienic and easier to clean than any other surface and is impermeable to water.

    When it comes to protecting and covering the walls of your kitchen, glass splashbacks have a number of advantages over alternatives such as tiles, marbles, and wood. Glass splashbacks are getting more and more popular as a better alternative, it gives your kitchen a more contemporary look and stylish finish and it’s easier to clean.

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