Mirrors Chelsea

There are many benefits to placing mirrors around your Chelsea property – they add light, they increase the feel of space and can act as a focal point, as well as reflecting the beauty of your décor or exterior.

But where are the strategic places to hang mirrors to make the biggest impact in your Chelsea home?

Mirrors can create a welcoming entrance for your Chelsea residence
For practical and aesthetic reasons, hanging a mirror in the hallway of your Chelsea abode will pay off.  Practically you will be able to check your appearance on the way out. Aesthetically it will brighten up a dark space, add interest and expand a narrow entrance.

Mirrors over a fireplace will add interest in your Chelsea living room
More affordable and less divisive than a piece of art, a custom made mirror installed to hang over a fireplace will create a dramatic focal point and will reflect the activities within the room.  Mirrors in living spaces can also be used to enhance ambient light in the evening so that you can turn the lights down and still see each other!

Mirrored walls add glamour and space to a Chelsea bathroom
Go to any smart hotel and you will notice that there are a lot of mirrors in the bathroom.  They add glamour to a small room and make a low key room something special.

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