Kitchen Splashbacks Plaistow South

  1. For your kitchen splashbacks at Plaistow South, we offer great toughened glass splashbacks which are easy to clean, an extensive variety of colors to pick out from, we also make bespoke orders for your particular requirements.

    Glass additionally holds its reflexive appearance for a long time and can last even decades before peeling, chipping and blurring.

    If you’re going for a truly glam look in your new kitchen, then we do have a great variety of colors that are perfect for you. You can often find clients go for our colored glass with shades some of the white, while others are naturally inclined to pick darker hues, others yet, love to have it glossy. Every option here is considered great by others, it all depends on the client’s personal taste and we have a team of experts here at Holloway, ready to help you make a great decision.

    First of all, we recommend you work with a professional. You can simply just give us a call at Southern Toughening Glazing Plaistow South, as we offer installation services, but if it is something you wish to do yourself, then remember to secure the edges of the glass as glass is a very dangerous material. It should not be put down just anywhere as it can easily get damaged and cause a danger to others, you should also remember to put on protective eyewear and gloves to protect your hands.

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