Kitchen Splashbacks Haselbury

Are you ready to convert the look of your kitchen with fashionable, long-lasting glass splashbacks without spending a fortune? For your kitchen splashbacks at Haselbury, call or visit our Haselbury outlet. We sell lovely top range glass splashbacks for your kitchens. We have a great variety of general make splashbacks in stock but you can also get one made to your specifications.

For a resilient, clean and smooth splashback, with unique finish-look, kindly call on us.  Our kitchen splashbacks are perfect for a modern-day or business kitchen and would also look great in a conventional kitchen. We advocate that you pair our glass colored splashbacks with a stainless-steel sink and steel worktops. However, it also works for any type of set up; due to the fact you can choose any color and have it blend with the rest of your kitchen’s outlook.

Glass splashbacks are truly easy to clean. In case your splashback is tainted by a stubborn stain, you can get it off by using a cleaning solution or vinegar solution on the splashback for about a minute or two then constantly use a smooth clean rag to remove stains on the glass. Note that you stand the danger of ruining the splashbacks with an abrasive cloth and there might be no way to hide scratches on the glass once damaged.

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